"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."

We combine heathy eating with a concentration on working out a person’s core in order that the person can obtain optimal health. We harvest our vegetables in our local community garden. The Directors of our program are Ricardo Thomas, Larry Henry, Makonen Harris and Nicole Capobianco.


Our Program

We pull from many different agricultural traditions as well as integrating the latest in urban farming techniques.

We cover the basics of composting to explain every subsequent process that happens in the garden. We take this chance to also discuss environmental degradation & urban site specific problems to growing food.

Through careful cultivation of the compost, we work with the youth planting, watering, weeding, controlling pests, and harvesting in the garden.

The most exciting part of our program is our small flock of chickens. Livestock is an incredible resource to teach children about the joys and importance of gardening, and shows that another way of living in cities is possible with the empowerment that knowledge brings us.