Who we are.

The Hall of Game is a chess club and basketball tournament that was established in 2010 by John Rasberry with the purpose of being proactive and relevant in the Bedford Stuyvesant community. Specifically, we target the youth in the community in order to equip them with choices and options that enhance their ability to successfully matriculate into society.

What we do.

In part, the organization of the Hall of Game stems from the gripping reality that approximately 70% of the New York State inmate population hails from seven neighborhoods. Bedford Stuyvesant is one of these neighborhoods. Compounding this reality is the fact that there have been severe budget cuts that have eliminated programs catering to the academic and social investment in our neighborhood youth. As a result there has been an increase in gang involvement and criminal activity amongst our teenage and adolescent population.

Why we do it.

The Hall of Game embraces the philosophy of self determination. This means that people from all walks of life can come together and determine a path that is best suited for them. We are not waiting on politicians to vote on restoring money to the budget. We would rather make an appeal to everyday people that understand that as a collective unit we can solve many of the challenges as well as take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us. An investment in this program is an investment in your community.